How do you know that the bookie you register with or the casino you download is right for you? Is it through the promotional offers you get while joining? Or is it because of the reliability and trust that you can associate with the site or parent brand? Should you prefer the older and trusted casino sites over the newer ones? Or should you do just the opposite?

The questions are many when it comes to choosing the top rated casino app and it isn’t difficult to understand why. With new players joining in every day, the world of casinos is a big one.

Online gambling offers you a chance to have fun gambling right from the comfort of your mom’s home. Not quite the buzz like the poker rooms have here at Ebro, but still, a little flutter before bed on a Sunday is always a nice distraction!

What makes a Mobile casino special?

There are several factors that apps and desktop sites have over the traditional brick and mortar casino. Comfort, bonuses and hassle-free gambling have attracted many people to online gambling. Here is a look at the factors that you need to think about when choosing your online casino :-


How comfortable are you playing in the casino? Is it user friendly? Are there many decent games? What are the terms and conditions? These can well determine your comfort level. As you play online, you can play from where you want. You can even play on the move. You do not have travel hundreds miles and book hotels to just play a few games at the casino. Instead, you can play without investing a dime in travelling and other things. All you require is an account with a credible online casino that not hard to get.

Attractive bonuses

What are the bonuses being offered? To attract more customers, online casinos give away bets, no deposit bets, deposit bonuses and many more. Bonuses are not only directed to new customers but also encourage present customers to bet more and take advantage of bonuses. Online casino gives you more chances of winning more money with the minimum amount of risk. Each casino has its own promotional offers and related terms to qualify for it.

Hassle free gambling

Is your experience hassle free? The right online casino will offer a smooth experience. Check if there is complete transparency especially when it comes to money transaction process. Online casinos have withdrawal conditions that you need to satisfy before you withdraw winning amount. This is just to protect themselves from scammers. Of you are abiding by rules and regulation your money is protected and can be removed from your bank account on request.

Today, there are better regulatory measures and software to improve the playing environment. Check the measures undertaken by the casino – this is one of the primary factors, which will help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

You need to do a thorough research before signing up for any website – check reviews online if confused, to see whether the online gambling site is a scam. Read reviews, ratings and take references to learn about the reliable and reputed casinos.