With technology being where it is today, watching greyhound racing, checking form, and even placing bets is no longer something that can strictly be done by reading the racing newspapers or spending your day in the local bookmakers.

The internet can tell you all you need to know about your favourite dogs, or that new dog you’ve never seen race before, as well as what the track is like on any given day, how the weather is, where your favourites placed in their last 5, 10, and even more races!

But that involves watching your races on TV and having another device handy to check form, check for non-runners, and see up-coming races, and then a device capable of placing bets if you’re one for dabbling with a little bet here and there.

That’s where an Android Smart TV box can help – these small boxes plug into your TV set, and not only will they let you load up the latest race stats, list of upcoming races, where they are, when they are, how the weather is, whether the track is wet or dry etc, all in a few seconds, an android tv box will also let you watch all of the races, wherever they are without having to turn over to normal TV.

What’s more, because these boxes run Android, all of your favourite bookmakers will have an app you can run on the box, meaning you can quickly build bets, whether they’re singles, each way, or even accumulators, you can do it all from the comfort of your sofa, on your TV.

These inexpensive devices revolutionise the way we watch racing, the way we bet on racing, and the way we track everything.

If you’re a fan of dogs AND horses, don’t worry – it applies to those too, in fact, it applies to any sporting event – research, bet, watch, all on your TV with a Smart TV box.

So, no matter where the event is taking place, or what time, you can watch it, and if you miss the event, no problem – watch it on-demand later!

So, throw out your newspapers, cancel that Racing Post subscription, put down your laptop and pick up your remote control, combine everything into one and really get the most enjoyment out of your dog racing time.